WHAT IS HOMOEOPATHY? Homoeopathy is a natural system of medicine that is safe and effective for most disorders of the body.
As in all holistic methods, homoeopathy is concerned with the treatment of the complete or whole person, rather than just treating the symptoms of the disease. As a result, when a homoeopathic physician recommends a homoeopathic treatment, different ingredients might be suggested for different people with the same illness.
This makes self-diagnosis very difficult for the lay person when using so-called single remedies. Nu-Medicine homoeopathics has identified this problem and designed easily understood products for the lay person. COMBINATION HOMOEOPATHY? Traditionally, homoeopathic single remedies have been very specific to particular symptoms, and therefore it has been difficult for a lay person to know which single substance should be used for an illness without the intervention of a homoeopath. Nu-Medicine homoeopathics contain combinations of ingredients designed to address the full spectrum of symptoms displayed by the disorder to be treated. This technique is fast becoming the method of choice, even amongst homoeopathic physicians in view of the complexities of pinpointing each and every possible diagnostic sign in a person. HOW DOES IT WORK? Homeopathy works through a well accepted pharmacological law known internationally as the “Law of Similars” or “like cures like”.
The ancient Greek scholar Hippocrates – author of modern medicine’s Hippocratic Oath – understood the “Law of Similars” when he said “a disease develops through influences/actions which function in the same way as homeopathic medicines do, and the disease is conquered by those medicines which create similar symptoms to that disease”. Homeopathy first entered modern medicine with the findings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who fully developed this medical approach in a comprehensive system of treatment with the publication of his Organon of Natural Medicine in 1810.
Dr. Hahnemann’s findings clearly proved that the same substance which, in large amounts could cause a disorder within the body, in minute amounts could cure the same disorder. By careful selection of the medical substance, the medical professional can mirror the disease process or condition in the patient with a medication which has the effect of stimulating the diseased body’s own appropriate healing mechanism.
Examples of this are:
Coffee consumed before bedtime often causes insomnia and yet in homeopathic doses, induces sleep.
An ingredient such as glonoin will cause throbbing headaches, but in minute doses (homeopathic doses) will cure that type of headache.
Materia Medicas have been developed, which are basically recordings of provings of the remedies on healthy individuals whereby the symptoms are recorded as the dose of the medication is increased. Therefore, if a patient presents the same symptoms as those recorded in a healthy individual, then the same remedy is given to the ill patient but in a homeopathic form. To prepare a homeopathic remedy, the starting substance is diluted either 1:10 or 1:100 and potentised (succussed) by shaking. This becomes the first potency or 1D (for 1:10) or 1C (for 1:100) and the process is continued-eventually, there is no physical substance remaining. In general, the lower potencies (5C) are for physical symptoms and the higher potencies (30C and above) are indicated for mental symptoms. Combination remedies, such as those in the Nu-Medicines range, are homeopathic remedies which have been combined because they have similar symptom pictures indicative for the particular condition, e.g., Lodol Headache Tablets have Belladonna (headache worse on the right side and when lying down), Spigelia (semi-lateral pain involving left eye, pain as if a band around the head), Gelsemium (headache with muscular soreness of the neck and shoulders), Glonoine (throbbing headaches) etc..We have also used potentised biochemic tissue salts in our remedies as these are inorganic substances essential for body functions. Products within the Nu-Medicines range can be used together, e.g., Hepatine and Stomag for gastro-intestinal tract disorders, Prolak and Karma Sleep to relax the mother while breastfeeding, Lodol and Hepatine where detoxification is required for chronic migraines, Sinusan tablets, Allergin tablets and Sinusan Nasal Spray for chronic sinusitis. Homeopathy has steadily grown in popularity to the point where today, many conventional medical doctors have embraced homoeopathy as an indispensable part of their practice.
The general approach of conventional western style (allopathic) medicine is that the symptoms are caused by the illness. By using strong drugs, the patient should be cured and if a positive outcome does not occur (which can also be an artificial result), increasing the dose should achieve the desired result.
Although this approach is necessary when, for example, combating a serious infection with antibiotics, inappropriate and excessive drug usage will mask the symptoms which often return later with renewed force. Homeopathy views symptoms as signs of the body attempting to fight the illness and homeopathic medicines are a means to support this healing activity without unnecessary damage to the body in the process. IS HOMOEOPATHY SAFE? Absolutely! The amount of active ingredient used in Nu-Medicines’ range of homeopathics are maintained at levels high enough to ensure effectiveness, but low enough to safe-guard against toxicity. Sometimes a general worsening of the condition may be experienced before improvement is felt. This is called a “healing crisis” but is generally more common with homeopathic single remedies. The healing process with homeopathic medicines occurs in the reverse order in which the original symptoms appeared which means that there might be a reappearance of previous symptoms as the body reverses the disease progression. Symptoms also generally reappear from the inside out and from top to bottom in the body.
Homeopathy’s great strength is that it can be used along with other medicines without concern of interaction. In fact, the dual role of conventional and homeopathic medicine work well together, as, while the drug takes issue with the disease, a homeopathic medicine will support the body’s own healing mechanism.
All our products have been formulated in South Africa and are manufactured in Belgium under strictly controlled pharmaceutical conditions. USING HOMOEOPATHICS FOUR SIMPLE RULES FOR TAKING HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES! The traditional method of taking homoeopathic remedies is in "granule" form. Nu-Medicine homoeopathics, however, adopts the more recognisable and modern dosage form of tablets.
1. Ideally, these should not be touched but should be dispensed into the cap of the package and then placed directly into the mouth. By not handling the tablet you are assuring the quality of the medicine. This is important in doses as small as those used in homoeopathy.
2. The mouth should be clear of foreign flavours, including coffee or tobacco smoke. Homoeopathics are absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth and should therefore not be taken directly before or after food or liquid. The general rule is take homoeopathics at least 1 hour after eating (anything) and not to eat anything for ½ an hour afterwards.
3. The tablets are to be dissolved in the mouth, not swallowed. This avoids much of the neutralization that could take place in the digestive tract.
4. For acute conditions it is possible to increase the dosage to once every 15 minutes for a maximum of 6 doses to strongly "stimulate" the body. This effect, however, is short-lived and one must then revert to the more usual routine of once, 3 times per day. Once the desired results are obtained, stop taking the medication. It is not necessary to take the medication until the bottle is empty. HOMOEOPATHIC SOURCES The majority are made from extracts of botanical sources, but some are also made from minerals and extracts from animals.

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